Duplicate Photos Cleaner App Reviews

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Really efficient

I scan 100 GB of pictures I mean 33000 pictures in few seconds and it identified 120 similar pictures. Interface is very easy, and found duplicates better than others applications I tested. I recommand this application to track duplicate pictures.

I still have lots of duplicated photos

Yes, it cleaned so many, but not all duplicated photos. I tried all configuration possible, but Ill have to look for a better app.

Simply does not work

Tried it and it did not delete my duplicates.


I love this program. Easy to use. Finds duplicate photos even if the file names are different. Shows you where they are located so you can choose which to delete. LOVE IT!

Awesome & Efficient

Does what it says and in a smart and efficient way. Few clicks and its done!!

The Very Best Available At This Time

I have a VERY large library of Nikon Pro DSLR photos . My eyes detected a lot of duplicate photos . I have invested in multiple Duplicate Photo Detection / Cleaner apps - all worthless junk that can not detect what my eyes can detect , or are so uselessly difficult to use that they are a waste of time . Resolved to never try another Cleaner app , in despiration I invested in Duplicate Photos Cleaner convinced that it too would probably be another waste of money and time . Eureka , I was happily totally wrong : easy to use , very fast , precise , it even located duplicate photos that my eyes did not detect . It allowed me to select the duplicates to be trashed ( the longest part of the process ) and saved those I wanted to keep . I freed-up hundreds of megabytes of space / memory and now have the precise Photos Library that I want . Who could ask for anything more !!! A KEEPER - 100% successful !

Did exactly what i needed….

Does not appear to pick up the default location but just adding in Photos worked and it proved to be excellent. Found all my duplicates and you can then store them until confident enough to delete them.

Time Saver

I just did my first run through Apple Photos. The program was able to locate 80 Gig of duplicate photos. That jsut amazed me. I always knew I had duplicates, but never quite knew how many. This took all the trouble and toil of searching by hand (impossible) and did what good apps do best, WORK! Thanks again. I also purchased disk cleaner from this company and saved 3.5 gig. IMAC is running smooth. I don’t work for this company and I paif for my programs. Great job guys, keep up the good work of making computers work again.

Older Version

I originally purchased Duplicate Photo Fixer. When this did not delete my photo’s, I decided to purchase the more expensive duplicate photo cleaner. Neither program comes with good documentation. When I called the support line, I found out this is the older version and the Duplicate Photo Fixer is the current version. I guess I wasted my money.

didn’t work for me- waste of money

Tried several times but this app kept on saying I had 0 duplicates. Went with a free app, it found 2377 duplicates.

Skip This One Too.

I based my purchase of this application on the review written by richnbev because my situation was almost identical to his description. While the interface is beautiful and it runs quickly compared to most programs of this ilk, it is completely useless on an actual functional level. I merged several old iPhoto libraries together from different computers and attempted to use this app to remove the duplicates from the resulting 50,000 photo plus library. While it did find about 2,000 duplicates it left behind THOUSANDS MORE that I had to remove manually because they were apparently not EXACT matches according to the companison structure in the programming. I had really high hopes that were dashed. Skip this one too, it doesn’t work any better than any other duplicate photo apps I have tested.

what i was looking for

work simple fast and grate result. thank you

Tammy Bonin

I absolutely love this Duplicate Photos Cleaner!!! It works GREAT. Just as it advertises or better. It freed up so much space on my computer! I love it. Thanks!

Helpful App

This app was very helpful! I had many duplicate photos and it was taking a long time to go thru and delete each duplicate. Such a time saver!

Pleased so far.

There are a lot of apps out there and I’ve tried several. This one seems to have done the best job at finding photo files, including the "hidden” ones.

Wow! Amazingly fast and thorough!

I also based my purchase off of richnbev’s glowing review (along with the warning from Info Gal). I’m glad I went for it! I was in a similar situation as richnbev, I just watched (in amazement) Duplicate Photos Cleaner find 88,649 duplicate photos, freeing 89.59 GB of space! The only caveat, when looking at the images and their duplicates, you can’t see the file location. However, I jumped right in and haven’t researched if this is possible. I still highly recommend this app!

Was good, now TERRIBLE

When I first downloaded this app, it was lollipops and rainbows- it was GREAT, I loved it. But all of the sudden, it just stopped scanning and finding duplicates correctly. Now I have to go through my photos and hand erase the duplicates. GREAT TRICKERY


I was able to remove 61,888 duplicate photos and free up 63.33GB of space.

works for me

It was more difficult changing my password and downloading the app that applying to my files and, finally, cleaning out the dupes.

Bummer: Failed to spot identical files unless the name was identical

It totally failed to find identical files because the name wasn’t identical even though the difference indicated that one was a copy of the other -- "301534_IMG_0064[1] 2.JPG” and "301534_IMG_0064[1].JPG” — bummer. It seems that it only looked for compeltely identical names.

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